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The meaning of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) can be understood as "OEM" or "OEM".

In the field of daily cosmetics, OEM is commonly known as "entrusted processing factory" or "entrusted processing".

The entrusting party (distributor) requires the entrusted party (OEM) to process qualified products according to the specified raw materials, production technology, equipment and packaging conditions; Or ask the entrusted party (OEM) to independently develop and produce qualified products that meet the requirements of the entrusting party according to the brand demand, while the entrusting party is only responsible for market operation and product marketing.

● OEM cosmetics are customized by the entrusted party for the brand manufacturer (the entrusting party). After production, only the brand name designated by the entrusting party can be used, and reproduction with the producer's own name is not allowed.

For example, the products sold by many foreign big brand companies in China are not produced by their own companies, but are customized by a domestic cosmetics manufacturer according to their requirements, which can save a lot of product costs.

Therefore, although the products we bought in shopping malls are also named as foreign brands, the manufacturer is a domestic cosmetics manufacturer. The price of OEM products of this foreign brand in China is often much lower than that in its country of origin.

● Another example is that the products of a domestic enterprise have a market and sales channels, but the production capacity is limited. In order to increase production and sales, reduce the risk of new production lines and win market time, other similar product manufacturers are entrusted to produce through contract ordering, and the ordered products are bought out at low prices and directly labeled with their own brand trademarks. The products produced by this cooperative mode of entrusting others to produce are also OEM products.

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